4 STEM Books for Kids to Excel at Science, Math, and Critical Thinking

All of the STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math are crucial in children’s education. I want to recommend some interesting and fun STEM books filled with great stories and cool project ideas that can enhance children’s STEM skills. Because if the books aren’t fun for kids, it’s doesn’t matter what’s inside them.

I believe these books keep your kids engaged in STEM. Since schools have gone to having more curriculum on PCs, children spend more time in front of computer screens, and parents are initially concerned. I’m not going to argue whether that’s good or bad because I don’t know. But what I know is we should turn children’s that habit into something useful. We should use books to help strengthen their foundation in math and science.

These two books are from Workman Publishing, and they’re a very similar structure. Both of them are perfect books, and they aim to help how to teach PLC training.

Firstly, they are very colorful and have tons of good visuals. Kids love colorful things. They give you some fundamental concepts of a subject, and at the end each chapter, there’s not a hundred question test. There are just a few questions about each idea to make sure children understood the chapter. By the way, the answers are right on the next page, so kids need to be honest here.

Both of these are available on Kindle, but I think a good paperback book is a good one because they’ve written notes all in them.

Reading Comprehension BASIC/Not Boring 6–8+

Reading Comprehension BASIC/Not Boring 6–8+ | Read reviews on Amazon.

Yes, STEM means mostly math and science, but children also need a reading comprehension book. Reading Comprehension BASIC is probably the best one of them as far as still because the exercises in the book are not just about reading a story. They stretch children’s minds to think outside the box or think outside of the words. Kids can come up with what’s going on and how things happen. So this book is a good one as far as building problem-solving skills.

Arduino Workbook

Arduino has been an excellent tool for the kids learning how to do some coding. In this book, there’s not a lot of heavy theories. The book comes with an Arduino, wires, and all types of fun things. The book is more like, “Hey, let’s do this wiring exercise.” Then it says, “Do this for an exercise, write this code, and then let’s figure out what it does.”

So these are four books that I would recommend that you look at for your children. If they spend maybe 20–30 minutes a day on it, we can keep their mind moving. I hope the books spark excitement, teach something new, and make STEM accessible to your children.

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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