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We talk to ourselves more than we talk to others. However, that does not make us odd, weird, or pathetic. Maybe we are just dreamers. Perhaps it’s just the way we are. It’s not like we have that many interesting people around us to talk about. It’s more like the people we know will not speak about the interesting parts of themselves because they’re too busy trying to seem reasonable. I am sure that most people feel me on this. …

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I am a humanities major, and most of my friends are book snobs. That annoys me. I have a Kindle, and a lot of them say like, “Oh, I don’t know how you can do it, but a Kindle isn’t the same. You can’t feel the pages between your fingers. You can’t smell the books; it’s just a poor experience compared to a real book.”

However, there should be a right time and place for both physical books and Kindle. For instance, if I am home on a comfy chair, physical books are better. I know there is something about…

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If you are reading this, you probably love reading. Reading is leisure, evasion, learning, and reflection. It is different than our cultural entertainment. Books are produced in the minds of writers, yes, but they are living with us. That’s why it should not hurt to follow some guidelines to enjoy more and better reading.

You do not have to finish a book if you do not like it.

For real. Really. For years, I also suffered from this terrible obsession. I was hoping the book would get better, and the author would fix everything at the end. However, most of the time, those books were disappointing. So, if the first 100 pages of a…

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If you didn’t know, I’m about to finish my mathematics education. Finally, I decided to write about what it’s like studying mathematics at a university. Of course, I can only talk from my experience. Still, in general, most of the mathematics courses and the structure are very similar. So, I think we can generalize a little bit.

Before I started my course, I didn’t know what to expect. I was trying to avoid thinking about my education and future at the beginning. However, if I read any information about studying mathematics in advance, it would have been helpful. …

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I know everyone is going to advise you on how to write. However, some solutions do not always work for everyone. The amount of tips for writers for the perfect novel is infinite. Even the people who have never been written in their life have the magic formula for your novel. But the truth is many of those typical tips give problems.

Ignore them! Write, write, write! It is all that matters.

If you think the only thing you need to get a novel finished is to sit in front of the keyboard and write without stopping, sorry, but it’s not always like that. Getting a routine is still better…

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I wish we were more like dogs. They forgive, love, protect, and know when they disappoint their humans.

We got Neva after humans had thrown her in a trash bag and left her for dead. She was so scared of people, but it took her only a few weeks to trust me with all that she is.

She shows me nothing but unconditional love. She guards our house night and day, listening and watching for anything out of the ordinary. Every night she sleeps right by my side. When I’m scared or feeling lonely, she is always there. She was…

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How can you have a super-intelligent brain? Allow yourself to drop your textbook and pick up a novel. We are living at a time when people somewhat higher level of interest in science than ever. American dictionary-maker, Merriam-Webster, announced a few years ago that the choice of the word of the year was “science.” IT was a remarkable and spectacular thing for scientists.

But as we are searching for brain food and self-improvement, it’s crucial to remember how important the things that we find fun or even frivolous are to our brain and reading fiction. Humans love a good story…

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I love my library, and I made my library little by little, with extra effort. My books and my bookshelves mean so much to me. You probably feel the same if you have a beautiful library because it is part of our life and personality. The shelves full of books speak to me all the time. I owe them my imagination. But what will happen to those books the day I am gone? Have you thought about what to do with them? I have been thinking about these for days. So they do not disappear without further ado?

I’m not…

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I failed calculus twice in the first year of my college education. Almost all of my friends also failed like me. Then I saw that failing calculus is a fact. I am utterly sure that you have some friends who have changed their major just because of calculus. Ok, but why calculus is so hard for first-year students?

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In a word, friendship means trust. We have an unspoken trust towards our friends because they know all our secrets, hopes, and dreams. That’s why there shouldn’t be any room for lies in our friendships. We build our friendships with so much effort, but even a simple lie can destroy them. It is very difficult ever to trust a friend who lied to us.

A true friend motivates and supports us. More importantly, a true friend becomes happy when we are happy. He/she rejoices in our success. But jealousy has a huge poisonous effect on our friendships. …

Hazel Clementine

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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