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The most valuable treasure of our times is happiness. Obviously, happiness has nothing to do with becoming a millionaire or finding a way of eternal life.

Happiness is something abstract but a difficult concept to define. Everyone talks about happiness. So many of us think happiness is a lifelong endeavor. Even the prestigious professors at the prestigious universities study it. If you don’t believe me, you can check Tal Ben Shahar’s book, Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment.

Professor Shahar had more than 1500 students so far, and he asked all of them the same question…

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I know everyone is going to advise you on how to write. However, some solutions do not always work for everyone. The amount of tips for writers for the perfect novel is infinite. Even the people who have never been written in their life seem to have the magic formula for your novel. But the truth is many of those typical tips give problems.

Anyway, here we go,

Write, write, write! It is all that matters.

If you think the only thing you need to get a novel finished is to sit in front of the keyboard and write without stopping, sorry, but it’s not always like that…

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Small changes in our lives help us achieve big positive changes in our life. Small purposes such as getting more sleep or going for a walk can change our lives day by day. We should know that every new day we have a new opportunity to allow ourselves to be happy.

1. Live in the moment: Don’t be obsessed with your past or future. Both of them are out of your control. Past and future are the main reasons for anxiety and anguish. Enjoying the moment “here and now” is essential to be satisfied with your life and be happy.

Mathematics goes far beyond numbers in equations. It is a set of ideas. The philosopher-mathematician Poincare said that:

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

Math is the science of patterns. Whenever something is repeated in our daily lives on the street during traffic, it happened whenever there is a pattern. These are ideas that materialize in all objects ever observed, and perhaps you never realized. Math is life.

It’s common knowledge that mathematics is everywhere, and I want to write about manhole covers, coins, and bicycle wheels. What do these three items have in…

These philosophical questions like: “What is time? What is light? What is good?” have something in common with children’s questions. I’ve often thought that.

Children ask these questions to older people. They don’t say, “What is time?” They don’t say that. But what they say is,

“Why can’t I meet Napoleon?”

Supposing a child said that, it seems quite a natural thing for a child to do. And you say,

“You can’t because he’s dead. Why does this prevent one?”

And then, if the father is sophisticated, he has to explain what death means. For instance, he could say the…

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I was reading a book last week, and I saw a different definition of infinity. Then I found myself thinking of the notion of the mathematical idea of infinity. Then I decided to know the meaning of infinity from the best authors. I saw that literature and mathematics depend on infinity.

Leo Tolstoy, A Confession and Other Religious Writings

In general, the relationship of the experimental sciences to the questions of life can be expressed in this way. Question: “Why do I live? In the infinity of space and infinity of time, infinitely small particles mutate with infinite complexity. …

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I first notice my face and eyes. However, I am usually captivated by my reflection when I am intoxicated in some form. I am always mesmerized by the seemingly other person staring back at me.

What’s more, I know the person you see in the mirror is not how your friends and family see you. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing the fat hang off my body in high school, only to look back at pictures during those times and realize just how dangerously skinny I was and how my eating disorder had taken hold of me.


I think the best way to describe teaching math is by overcoming a monster. I believe that math is often an underdog like a lot of the stories we know.

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Once upon a time, I was going to be a math teacher. Because I love mathematics, I thought all my students would love math like me. However, when I started working with students from all different grade levels, I saw that they feared this monster called math. If I wanted to be a successful math teacher and make my students good at math, I had to figure out why my students see mathematics as a monster. There should be a way to help them overcome their fear and become more confident when dealing with mathematics.

There are all kinds of…

How does one discover life on other planets? Well, the first thing you need is other planets. Going around our sun are eight planets, plus Pluto and many moons and lots of other stuff. But it’s a small selection, so your best bet is to look for planets going around all the stars.

Our galaxy alone is a hundred billion stars in it, and so there is a lot of hope of seeing an enormous amount of planets as long as we have a way of seeing them.

How do we see planets orbiting other stars?

Here are some ways…

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I will take my time to get to know him and avoid playing the part of a “girlfriend” once things have progressed a little and not putting him on a pedestal! He is mortal, human, and has issues, flaws, and strengths, just like I do! He isn’t a goddess any more than I am a god, and neither of us should ‘worship’ the other.

I will also try to make sure that I keep in mind that the early infatuation stage of falling for someone doesn’t guarantee anything. I will try to accept rejection gracefully, and also, I hope not…

Hazel Clementine

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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