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In 1st grade, above the cubbies where we kept our snow boots and mittens, big comic-sans letters spelled out ‘remember to recycle,’ and ‘last one out turns off the light.” These are the kinds of things recommended by science textbooks, blogs, and even the US Environmental Protection Agency as ways to reduce your impact on the climate.

And they’re pretty easy to do.

On average, in the US

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Recently I read a book that became a life changer for me. I felt its content material contained pertinent facts about healing. I referred the book to my friend, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing by Susan Anderson. My friends are an author himself, so his criticism changed into she was no longer as smooth as an author as she may be, and he wasn’t sure her points had been going anywhere.

However, I kept encouraging him. “Stay in there,” I told him. “It gets better.” And sure enough, he had a step forward. It became profound. I felt touched…

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The day started in the evening for her. The ticking of the clock was counting down her time. Nevertheless, she struggled to get out of her bed. She just needed a little nudge to get her day doing like a coffee or a favorite song. She was not exhausted; she was feeling hopeless. It was expected because her bedroom would be nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Happiness was the only true goal for her. She just wanted to sit at that table and think about her life. It was also normal because she had the innate ability to think, whereas her…

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I read books because of the most considerable influence on my life. Books have formed me into who I am today, how I think, and what I feel. They have all been shaped by what I read. And that practice of reading good books begin when I was in elementary.

My mother paid for my allowance, and my allowance was based on reading books. I was the biggest child. My mother paid me to read books as I grew up. She would select the books and put them in my hands. When I finished a book, we were talking about…

I am interested in how technology can change the world and make our lives easier and overall better. Specifically, I’m interested in how technology can advance the evolution of education.

And so I’m researching the idea of flipped classrooms…

The idea is opposed to the traditional teaching model dubbed the “chalk and talk” method, where the flow of information is decidedly one-sided as the professor just lectures. Students take notes and apply what they learned at home. But the issue is that students need to do the work for some concepts instead of just learning about it (like math, science, problem-solving), especially when there is a great variety of problems that aren’t all discussed in class.

So in a flipped class, students learn academic material before class through educational videos or interactive activities. That opens up all that class…

You always hear nightmare stories of people traveling with their bikes and ending up in more pieces than they originally packed. I am going to run through how I packed my bike. And it is also a beautiful way not to pay to fly your bicycle again. Yes, this is a pretty unique situation, but you can save a lot of money if you travel a lot. For instance, last year, I traveled more than 50,000 miles, and I saved about 4,000 dollars using this technique.

It may be different from the bike bag you’re using, but there should be…

The first time I got on the plane, I was going to Istanbul from New York. I was nervous, and I was checking everything about my flight. When I checked the flight route, I saw that the plane was going to make a curve. I started thinking about that. Why was the plane not going straight and saving some fuel? Instead of going through the United Kingdom, we could go through Italy and Portugal.

My flight was not the only plane that behaved this way. If you also check any flight route, you will see a curved line. …

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Great stories never grow old! Just because we get older doesn’t mean the life lessons we learn from children’s books are less important. Here today with five classic children’s book recommendations.

Winnie-the-Pooh — A.A.Milne

Picture of Karl Pearson

Karl Pearson was born on the 27th of March 1857 in London, where he passed away on the 27th of April 1936. He is one of the men associated with the applications of statistics in biology and the birth of biostatistics, even though he had to set into motion the new concepts of the same statistic.

Carl Pearson was born into a medium-high status family and his older brother and a younger sister. That was his original name, Carl, which he changed to Karl at the age of 23, probably due to admiration towards Karl Marx. He was educated at…

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Educational websites are utterly valuable because learning becomes more effective when learners are mutually active with the learning materials. Moreover, time is a precious thing.

However, it might not be easy to find time to scour the internet and discover new ideas. That’s why I have compiled my favorite educational bookmarks for you. shares live animal cams, films, educational channels, and more for your classroom to explore.

Hazel Clementine

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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