Five Quick Ways to Make Someone Happy Today

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Every day we pass by other people that we know nothing about them.

However, we are all people, and we know what it feels like to be sad and what it feels like when someone makes us happy. So why are we not trying with everything within us to make others feel happy? Well, we all have busy lives, so it’s a hassle to take time out of our schedules to make some stranger happy. However, here are five quick and easy ways to make a person happy.

1- Tell a stranger a joke

Everybody knows at least one, even if it’s the corny one. Try to make someone’s day positive.

- Why can you ever win a poker game in the jungle?

- Because it’s full of cheetahs.

- What’s up? You don’t hear a hilarious joke.


- What do you call a pile of kittens?

- A meowntain.

And yes, some people may not be receptive at first, but remember, you keep trying, eventually you’re going to bump into someone who appreciates a good corny joke.

- Why did Batman not go to church?

- Because he’s Christian Bale.

2- Compliment someone of their appearance

When you do that for someone else, they’re going to feel the same way. It’s so simple. But it goes a long way. Every time someone’s told you, you look good at something, it’s made me feel better. It may have even made your day better.

That is an adorable necklace you got there. I like it.

How are you all ladies doing? You look lovely today.

Are you all like a couple? I was just wondering because you are adorable together, so I just wanted a compliment, and also, that’s an awesome shirt.

Hey, I just wanted to tell you to have gorgeous hair. I like it.

3- Tell someone you appreciate him/her when he/she do something for you

Anytime you’ve gone to a coffee shop or retail store, and an employee has done something for you, tell them that you appreciate them. And mean it when you say it because that’s going to make them feel like their job is meaningful rather than just doing it. After all, it’s their job.

Thank you, I think I appreciate it. I worked at a CVS I know what it’s like working there. I appreciate it.

Even if it’s simple, it will affect. I try to do this every time I go out somewhere, and in my experience, whatever I say, it’s someone who only did a small thing for me. That’s when it seems to have the most significant effect because people do not expect it.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all your work.

4- Take an interest in a stranger

We, as people, love to talk about ourselves. So we love it when people we hang out with want to know about us. So how much more impactful would it be if a stranger what did it know about you? Ask the questions that people don’t ask. The questions people want to answer, but they never have a reason to.

- I just saw you sitting out here, and I’m just waiting out the person you know; people figure I get to know a random stranger. So what’s your name?

- William.

- Nice to meet you them, William. What’s your favorite kind of music?

- I love the classic country.

- Really! Nice.

- If you could live anywhere like where would you live, though?

- Back in the mountain.

What’s like your plan, like what do you want to do?


Just think about it! You don’t know that person, and you could save their life that day. You have no idea what they’re going through that day.

5- Accomplish this one

A little bit different because you accomplished this one. By doing any of the previous four, you will achieve this one by making another person happy because it’ll make you happy. Nothing feels better than watching another person smile, especially when you know you have the power to cause it.

It’s beautiful! It’s the best kind of happiness you can build because you’re the only one who can give it to you.

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