Four Reading Habits of Highly Effective Lifelong Learners

Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

If you are reading this, you probably love reading. Reading is leisure, evasion, learning, and reflection. It is different than our cultural entertainment. Books are produced in the minds of writers, yes, but they are living with us. That’s why it should not hurt to follow some guidelines to enjoy more and better reading.

For real. Really. For years, I also suffered from this terrible obsession. I was hoping the book would get better, and the author would fix everything at the end. However, most of the time, those books were disappointing. So, if the first 100 pages of a book do not hook you, put it aside and read something else. Maybe it is not a good time to read that book. The good thing about this is you can always give it another chance later on.

It may seem that it does not serve much in the beginning, especially if you are young. Yet, the truth is that as the readings pass, you will be grateful to know what you have read and what you think. Over time, especially if you read a lot, the texts pile up and blur. The moment will come when you start reading a book like it is the first time. Also, reviewing the notes is an exciting task, especially if you will undertake a rereading.

A prejudice is a bad thing. If the author of your book is European, American, man, woman, is this vital for you? The important thing is the content, the story, and the way of narrating. Reading has to be entertaining.

In the libraries, you will find guides, suggestions, and catalogs that can make you surprise. The possibility of finding any book is very high because of the interlibrary loan. Trust me; libraries always have the book you need.

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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