Four Worst Pieces of Writing Advice You Will Ever Hear

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I know everyone is going to advise you on how to write. However, some solutions do not always work for everyone. The amount of tips for writers for the perfect novel is infinite. Even the people who have never been written in their life have the magic formula for your novel. But the truth is many of those typical tips give problems.

If you think the only thing you need to get a novel finished is to sit in front of the keyboard and write without stopping, sorry, but it’s not always like that. Getting a routine is still better, but it does not have to be a daily obligation that occupies all your free time. In addition to heating the chair, it would be important that:

  • Relax your mind.
  • Get opinions about your work. Spend part of the time asking to see how your manuscript is going.
  • Think about how you are writing. It will help you get more original points of view.
  • Learn other skills that will help you later, such as speaking in public or setting up a web page.

As we have already said, a responsible routine is beneficial. In real life, it is almost impossible to write as if we were on an assembly line. Let’s be serious. Some people work in shifts, and some take care of their family cannot be sure of their schedule.

And again, writing every day can be difficult. The same is better two days a week, or when you know, you have more free time. The necessary thing is that you get a schedule in which you feel comfortable.

At first glance, it does not seem like bad advice. After all, if you want to sell what you are writing, you should keep in mind what is moving in the publishing. It would be best if you used any publishing opportunity. But, while keeping it in mind, it also has its problems.

  • The market changes. Maybe you notice that erotic novels have become fashionable with some sadomasochism, and you decide to write your own. Unfortunately, it is possible that the novels of exotic travel in the nineteenth century could be fashionable a year later, and your book could hardly be attractive to publishers.
  • It may not be what you want. Do you want to spend months writing about something you do not like? The result can be excellent or terrible.
  • You may not be good at writing about what is trendy. Not everyone can be versatile.
  • Don’t forget this! Sometimes rare or unusual books sell better than the typical copy of the fashion book.

That is ridiculous advice. It tells you that when you write, you do not even erase. Always go forward without worrying about anything else, not also about the commas. That the important thing is to finish and you will review it. If you do this, an editor will throw your novel into the trash can because of tons of grammar mistakes.

Okay, you do not have to stop at each phrase and review each paragraph you write. However, you have to look a little at what you are writing without obsessing but with care. It’s a lot of work that you’ll save later.

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