How Technology Can Advance the Evolution of Education?

I am interested in how technology can change the world and make our lives easier and overall better. Specifically, I’m interested in how technology can advance the evolution of education.

And so I’m researching the idea of flipped classrooms…

So in a flipped class, students learn academic material before class through educational videos or interactive activities. That opens up all that class time to review the material and focus on higher-level engagement activities like problem-solving and active discussions. This way, students can learn at their own pace because it takes some people longer to grasp certain things fully. It also caters to commuters who can’t spend all their time on campus with the teachers and other students.

Video as a new form of media can address students of different learning styles, with the only drawback being the lack of direct engagement. However, if traditional classes aren’t stimulating this sense of engagement, then what’s the point? A flipped class’s whole goal is to re-purpose class time to promote engaging the students for active learning. I believe this is a more valuable use of class time, and studies have shown that in a flipped classroom, students can perform better, participate more, and teach more content.

One issue is student motivation to do the work beforehand. Otherwise, it’s like going to a book club without reading the book, and you can miss out. But for this issue and especially for larger classes, I like the idea of classroom response systems where you can ask the class questions and record their answers (even view the real-time). I like asking the class questions to be answered individually, but before answering, you let them work in teams and small groups to respond again. This way, they can talk about the problem and work out how to get the right answer while facilitating peer education.

Ultimately I think education is the foundation for each generation, and I believe technology can serve as the bridge not just between home and the classroom but among generations. Videos are almost like time capsules. They can provide a platform for (the world’s best) educators to become educational superstars like khan academy that can continue to teach and inspire countless people across generations indefinitely. I also think video can help connect researchers with the world to make their work more accessible.

Maybe technology will redefine the role of educators as facilitators and guides of knowledge. Still, I think it can also free time to allow educators to better connect with their students. In other words, technology has the potential to reintroduce human elements of learning and education.

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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