Six Reasons Why Best Friends are Important in Life?

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

In a word, friendship means trust. We have an unspoken trust towards our friends because they know all our secrets, hopes, and dreams. That’s why there shouldn’t be any room for lies in our friendships. We build our friendships with so much effort, but even a simple lie can destroy them. It is very difficult ever to trust a friend who lied to us.

A true friend motivates and supports us. More importantly, a true friend becomes happy when we are happy. He/she rejoices in our success. But jealousy has a huge poisonous effect on our friendships. When our friends start envying us, they immediately begin seeing us as enemies and seeking our failure.

It is a fact that opposites attract when it comes to best friends. Of course, we don’t have the same tastes and interests as our friends. Everyone has their limits. Being best friends doesn’t mean that we can force our friends to do something we want all the time. Friends always respect each other.

Friends spend time together. Spending good time with a friend makes our friendship stronger. If the person you think that your true friend doesn’t spend time with you or call you enough, that person is not your true friend anymore. Perhaps, they shouldn’t be in your life anymore.

Sometimes friends find themselves living in different cities or countries. Mostly, it is very hard living far away from friends. Long-distance friendships can be challenging to navigate with issues. Seeing someone you love face-to-face is more valuable than making a video call. Unfortunately, not all friendships last in a long-distance friendship.

We change. Our friends change. Our interests change. I think this is the main reason for a friendship to end. But don’t blame yourself. We cannot change this rule. Our destinies send us different directions.

A true friend accepts who you are. A true friend accepts all your strengths and weakness. A true friend doesn’t try to change us.

We make mistakes, and a true friend helps us get up again and move. We all need constructive criticism to improve ourselves. Only a true friend can provide this to us. But we should keep in mind that the line between constructive criticism and an offensive is fragile.

A good friend always stays with us in good or bad times. We need someone always around us when we laugh, cry, make mistakes.

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