What Does the World Need to See Now More Than Ever?

I was accused of flirting with a guy for asking directions! After that, I hate social sciences and started using only Google maps for directions. We, sapiens, are loaded with different biases since we are designed to live as hunter-gatherers. The geography of the earth and space is easier to understand than the human mind.

I have no view as to the teaching of the social sciences, but what I see is the social sciences are rotten to the core. Their mediocre lessons reproduced by educational institutions from the highest to the lowest have destroyed all honesty and decency in the name of a counterfeit kindness. These days, far too many people are more concerned about their “public image persona” than being their authentic selves.

The other day, I saw a social experiment on Youtube, where Tinder was mimicked in real life. One man was swapping 30 women with a hand gesture by swiping right and left. I found it so disrespectful because women were treated as disposable objects. It felt they were nothing but a commodity! It was just another online shopping for that guy!

These days, I feel that there is far too much “style over substance” in our world. All the Facebook/Instagram/swiping/liking/unliking/ friending/unfriending culture, treating people like disposable objects for entertainment purposes.

I am not a fan of these things. That’s why I worry about my siblings. They can’t cope without wifi. Sometimes I unplug the router and let it all break loose. I do it to wake them up.

But what is the solution?

  • Take care of yourself first; don’t sacrifice yourself for someone you don’t care about. Don’t pretend who you are not. Don’t try to be right all the time; ask if you don’t understand. Fail fast, learn fast. When faced with the opportunity, ask if I would like to do it instead of being afraid to do it. Share what you know.
  • We need to care more — more about things that are not ourselves. We need a better sense of family. I don’t think we can do this while we are forced to have both parents in the workforce as double-income families make ends meet. How can we be more compassionate and caring when we are all so exhausted. We need more time with our young babies and children and older people.
  • We need more tolerance, freedom of speech. There is no particular territory for anyone and could never be. Sovereign only means we are all in this together. We have to let the most abhorrent things -from our perspective- be said; that’s the only way we could see what is happening to our societies. These two are the vibrant parts of any progress.
  • Minimalism. We need more genuine humans who can learn to appreciate the planet. There will be more room for human empathy and kindness, and care for Mother Earth when we learn that less is more. More time for music and words and community.
  • Intellectual responsibility. Which swims with the current of what many others are saying here regarding “Truth.” It seems that many of us assume that what we want to be accurate is true. We don’t stop and consider if we are wrong. We are too attached to our dignity, and we should realize that we all make mistakes, and we should not hold onto this preconceived notion of how we should act in the presence of others. We lack intellectual flexibility. We see things in black and white.

“You are wrong; I am right. The end.” It’s very destructive. We need to leave behind rigid thinking and take on an attitude of openness. One that recognizes that there are often many right answers to one question.

We should be more confident in admitting our mistakes, be more accepting of others, and be less likely to put on a facade just because leaders are supposed to “act” a certain way or that teachers are supposed to be the fountain of all knowledge.

  • Adaptability/ flexibility with a baseline of curiosity towards all that this life throws at us. We need a commitment to telling the truth and being unafraid to do so. In turn, it requires a culture where people are allowed to admit mistakes, even praised for doing so, rather than torn to pieces. I would argue that a restoration of the value of truth in public life is urgent, critically necessary if we are to move forward as the human race.
  • We need to teach children and adults about how to love and receive love. Like Erich Fromm said: “Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problems of human existence.” Love is the hinge on which humanity rotates. I am not only referring to the kind of love in which an individual feels affection and adoration towards another. I am also referring to the type of love in which we practice human virtues such as compassion, kindness, forgiveness, patience, understanding, and gentleness. We also need to love ourselves, but how? How can a person love himself/herself if he/she doesn’t like himself/herself? First, we need to accept where we are now. Know we can do better. We can use circuit breaker techniques to stop negative self-talk.
  • Honesty about our feelings, struggles, and insecurities. People should be more real and not afraid of expressing their need for help and support whenever life becomes overwhelming.
  • Empathy and sympathy. Empathy is the ability to live like someone or something else emotionally. Or understanding by looking at something from the perspective of the other. It would be great to see the world from behind someone else’s eyes. Without greater empathy and sympathy, we will become further entrenched and divided. If sympathy was practiced more often, it would diffuse so many unnecessary conflicts. In other words, we should have more empathy and sympathy for one another, whether strangers or not.

Could I be that person who has sympathy and empathy?

I worry about myself; could I be that person who has sympathy and empathy? Could I accept less for myself and my children so that other families have a chance at life? Are any of us prepared to do as virtuous demands? The fact of the matter is that we need to start sharing, which means we will have less, and we will be less comfortable. The world is full of people that are in my situation or facing issues I have recently overcome.

Anyway, I think I am getting older, and I am now what I like to call “disingenuous-intolerant.” My life is far too short for all that. It is a rare and lovely thing to find authentic and behaves with integrity and ideally genuine kindness. These are the people I consider worthy of my time and energy these days.

When everything goes too fast too soon, I believe that people carrying actual empathy, compassion, patience, determination, and positivity will show other people that there will always be useful in the world worth fighting for and is worth following.

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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