Why is Growing Up in a House Full of Books Essential for Kids?

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Over the years, numerous studies conducted by various and influential universities have shown the benefits of growing with books. These benefits are obtained during the initial stage of our life since childhood. The human body is much more receptive to stimuli, as well as learning. In this way, the assiduous reading of books gives children a much greater probability of increasing their linguistic and social skills during the first years. On the other hand, those children who cannot read to the same extent see these same diminished capabilities.

Reading is not only necessary during the first years of life, but it is vitally important that throughout their development, young people continue to train and read, from literary novels and didactic manuals to essays or opinion articles. Exposure of adolescents to books is an essential part of their cognitive and social development. The journal Social Science Research, an online platform with an electronic library with more than 900,000 research articles, published a study a few years ago on the importance of growing up surrounded by books. It affirmed that reading is an integral part of social practices that promote literacy, numeracy, communication, and technology skills.

Besides, the study highlights the importance of libraries as a meeting point for young people. They invite parents to instill in their children the habit of visiting these centers of knowledge and culture frequently to increase their educational level that will improve, among other things, the possibilities of applying for better jobs in the future. Another exciting piece of information has been analyzed by another investigation from this same literacy and school development platform. After several checks and tests, it was confirmed that a considerable percentage of adults who had a university degree had grown up with books at home. However, those adults who in their childhood had not had the opportunity to consult and grow up surrounded by books did not represent such a large percentage in terms of university degrees. That shows that growing up with books directly affects the person’s emotional and learned formation. Therefore, it is closely linked to the development of their intellectual and cognitive capacities.

Having made clear the importance of growing up surrounded by books, it would be time to ask how many books are necessary. There are studies to answer this question stating that at least 80 books would be needed at home. Others affirm that at least 250 books or more would be necessary.

However, some believe that quantity does not matter. Still, the quality of the books themselves, since, as we have commented previously, we will always have the possibility of going to libraries or bookstores where we can acquire or consult various and different works. The importance of being trained in both currents of thought is equal to or even more important than the number of books available.

Through books, both adults and children, we can understand that there are different points of view and different study perspectives and that, as such, the training of each person is different and unique compared to that of the others. For excellent intellectual development, we should all be able to doubt or question those authors we read, rethinking their ideas, and even asking ourselves what is beyond the simple message that the author wants to convey. As the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant: “We measure the intelligence of an individual to the number of uncertainties that he can support

In short, the importance of growing up accompanied by books is a reality, and this is demonstrated by the hundreds of studies carried out on the subject. And it is necessary for the correct intellectual and social development of people. Still, the possibility of growing up surrounded by them presents us with an inexhaustible source of knowledge and culture, which will allow us to face life differently. It has always been said that the mind can take a person further than his two legs’ simple movement.

I found tons of books in Argentina!

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